MTV Roadies Rising

MTV Roadies Rising

MTV Roadies Rising : MTV Roadies Rising started yesterday. The show earlier used to be a super hit show with its entertainment and quality and quantity based content despite of all the slangs used in the name of entertainment. Then at least it was able to attract the youth towards. But from last few seasons it has been quite a boring show. And is unable to attract any audience . The quality of entertainment has been really low.

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MTV Roadies Rising

MTV Roadies Rising : Earlier it was quite a popular show which was loved by everyone. Last night the premier of a new season happened. The show was lacking much of entertainment. The show seemed more of a daily soap where the four judges or mentor were trying really hard to make it work and to have fun in it. It has had a television serial effect in it which is lacking the youth loving content in it. Further episodes are leading towards Anger and full of violence but because in every season we have seen quite a lot of it so it now seems repetitive and no fun.

MTV Roadies Rising

MTV Roadies Rising : The contestant which already have been shortlisted are shortlisted in the basis of what talent they have to showcase. Which seems stupid. They do not have any fear factor or X factor quality. But we still hope to see something good in it.


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